Marketing material, is the collection of visual media used to support the sales of a product or service. These sales aids are intended to make the sales effort easier and more effective. Over time, you’ll want to provide information about your company to lots of a variety of different people: employees, investors, existing and potential clients, and the media. Your company’s success depends in part upon how well you communicate that information through your marketing material.

Building Credibility

Despite the increasing migration of marketing efforts to the web, printed marketing materials can play a vital role in communicating your company’s mission, nurturing leads and closing sales. Kreative Konceptionz advises all its client companies to have at least one high-quality print piece that is multi-purposed.

Sales Tool

In business-to-business sales, there are many times you are not speaking directly to the decision maker and instead working through intermediaries. A print piece such as a capabilities brochure is an effective “leave behind” to help sell your product or service internally. The brochure helps your sales contact champion your company and receive buy-in from the management team.

Detail and text are as important as the overall visual image that it projects. Kreative Konceptionz creates and improves your marketing materials in a way that presents your company image very clearly and professionally. We make sure your marketing pieces draw your customers to your message.



Marketing Material Examples:

  • Company Profile

  • Pricelist 

  • Rate Card Designs

  • Catalogues

  • Adverts

  • Brochures