About Kreative Konceptionz

Kreative Konceptionz was established in 2010 by Kim Stacey Jacobs to provide a unique design services for new businesses or existing businesses who feel that they need a 'facelift'. Kreative Konceptionz also offers services for individuals - everything from invitations, seating plans and calendars.

The Kreative Konceptionz team has expanded to include a few more talented designers - ready to exceed your expectations!

We have already done many design jobs for businesses, friends and families thus far - with very satisfied clients, both with the quality of the design work and our team's warm and friendly personality!

A member of the team will meet up with you - the client - to further discuss your design ideas. With our initiative and Kreativity we will make your design ideas a reality!



Director of Kreative Konceptionz

Director: Kim Stacey Jacobs

Director of Kreative Konceptionz: Kim Stacey Jacobs

Kim Stacey Jacobs has always been a creative, from a very young age desiring to paint, create and modify things. She loves change and new ideas - and this is incorporated into her life - it's never stagnant.

In contrast to the "clean" creativity of her freelance career doing graphic design and website maintenance, Kim loves getting messy whether using fabrics, paints, glue or anything in between when doing craft workshops on the weekends. (Visit her craft workshops website here - www.kreativekraftz.co.za) She also loves to read, take photos, travel and blast her music.

She is versatile and bubbly - your design ideas and personality will reflect through her work with a Kreative edge that Kim will add to all her work!