Corporate Design

Corporate Design at Kreative Konceptionz

It is not by chance that companies like Microsoft, Mercedes Benz and Coca-Cola, have a good corporate image in the market place. In every case it is the result of careful planning and forethought. The corporate design is by far the most important single asset a company has.

A good corporate identity allows your company to convey its purpose and message and sets it apart from the competition.

We offer design solutions to create solid corporate identities for our clients. You will be provided with professional looking logos, business cards, letterheads, envelopes, forms, folders, and brochures.

The Kreative Konceptionz team works with successful entrepreneurs who know who they are and what they’re creating. You’re leveling up, and we are the designers and branding experts who work with you to translate that vision into a beautiful visual experience your audience can feel.

First Impressions

 Good design creates a good perception - and if there’s one rule in marketing, it’s “Perception is Reality.”

Building a professional logo for your organisation helps build credibility, increases visibility, and communicates effectively to your target market - facilitating your ability to grow your business.

Before a potential client even walks through your office/shop door, or purchases your product, your logo is a representation of your company. It can make a company appear large, small, international, local, fun, serious, legitimate, professional, etc. Is your current logo conveying the right idea about your company?

Setting the Foundation

The colors, typography and style of a logo will often establish the look and feel for the rest of your marketing communication efforts. Kreative Konceptionz will ensure your logo meets these expectations and create a professional brand image that will grow with your company for years to come.