General Design FAQ’s


When do you start working on my project?
We will start working on your project as soon as we receive your logo request and payment.

Can you redo my existing logo design?
Yes. Please provide us with the latest version of your logo design, and mention it in your creative brief.

Who keeps the rights of the created logo design?
All the rights of the Artwork and Logos we create for our customers belong to our customers.

Do you do printing?
Yes, we now offer printing services – contact us for a quotation.

Do you design brochures?
Yes, we do offer flyers and brochure design.

Why does the colour look different when I print it?
Your personal printer doesn’t use exact colours that you see on the screen. You have to calibrate your printer with the screen first for the best match.

Why does the color change on different monitors when I view the samples?
The color you see on the screen depends a lot on the adjustments of the screen settings and color setup. It also depends on the brand and model of the monitor. Two identical monitors brand and model with the same settings will have slight color variation and intensity. There is no way to create a file that will show the same color on all the screens. Furthermore, when you print the file the color will change. (Refer to Why does the color look different when I print it? )

Can I edit my business cards and stationery?
Yes, you can edit, or change all the information on your business card and stationery.
You will need to have Corel Draw installed on your computer, because your stationery files are in a vector format.

What is e-commerce?
E-commerce is the ability to sell products or services online.

Can you reduce the price of the Special Packages if I don’t need logo design?
No. We cannot remove any option from the Special Packages.

Can you split the price or services of the Special Packages?
No. We can`t split or reduce any of the services or price.