Trade Exchange

 How does is work?

DEFINITION: Trade Exchange is a barter system where people or companies trade goods and services without the use of money.

Small businesses sometimes struggle to find the funding and finances for branding as they are starting up and their company face is never seen or remembered by potential clients. Corporate identity and company branding such as logos, business cards, e-mail signatures and websites are essential in today's world of technology however and it is the easiest way in which to connect with your customers. Now Kreative Konceptionz provides this awesome trade exchange opportunity for you not only to get your branding up and running - but also to be marketed to a new group of fresh potential clients!

Kreative Konceptionz offers to do a percentage of your quotation cost as a trade exchange (up to 70%) – so you would give us vouchers for the balance. The trade exchange is for your website and any other branding you might require, including directory listings, so that you are found easier online.

The vouchers will then be discounted to Kreative Konceptionz clients and advertised and marketed to be sold. The clients will then redeem the vouchers at your establishment.

By having a website with a fresh new look, you can attract new potential clients, add credibility to your business and assist your FaceBook page to allow your clients to view all your products and promotions. You will have a better marketing tool to better represent your business on a more professional level. Especially having your own domain (www.? and unique e-mail addresses will make an immediate difference.

You will be able to integrate your social media campaign right there on your home page. This means you will be able to communicate better with your clients.

What you need to qualify for a trade exchange:

  • A product or service that can be easily marketed to Kreative Konceptionz clientele

  • A quality product or service that needs to be tested by Kreative Konceptionz first before trade exchange is accepted

How does it work?

  • You contact Kreative Konceptionz and complete a trade exchange application form - Click Here for Form
  •     R1000 will be added to your quotation as the Trade Exchange fee which will cover marketing and discounts of vouchers.
  •     The quality of your products or services need to be tested by Kreative Konceptionz.
  •     The results of your quality test will determine the percentage of your quotation cost that will be converted into the trade exchange.
  •     You will need to send Kreative Konceptionz a current price list of all your products and services.
  •     Vouchers of your products or services chosen by Kreative Konceptionz need to be given for the trade exchange percentage.
  •     Your vouchers need to be valid for 6 Months from completion of your design project.
  •     Kreative Konceptions will then undertake and complete your project
  •     During or after completion of your project, Kreative Konceptionz will market your company's products and services and sell your vouchers at a discounted rate to Kreative Konceptionz clientele.
  •     Please note that special packages and rates cannot be used for trade exchanges.
  •     Please note that your hosting of R49 per month is excluded from the trade exchange and that needs to be paid in cash as it goes to an external service provider.

At Kreative Konceptionz, we provide Kreative Designz - every design is created with every need of the client taken into careful consideration and turning their dreams and concepts into reality!

For any further questions or to chat about this in more detail, please drop us a mail: